Dewatering machine

Dewatering machine


I. Performance Description: Spindle motor: full copper wire motor, belt transmission power, safe and reliable, long service life; Feed hopper: thick stainless steel folding plate, built-in high pressure spray, Feeding is fast and smooth; Feeding pipe: screw feeding, active feeding; Reducer: uniform feeding speed, preventing the feeding machine from forming too fast; Feeding motor: full copper wire motor, adding reducer, strong power Long service life; Spindle: It is made of solid round bar on the lathe, with strong torsion resistance and long-term use without deformation; Blade: thick stainless steel, bionic circular planning, wear and corrosion resistance;

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The granulation dryer is made of high quality stainless steel round tube and is nested by the inner tube and the outer tube. The double-layer hollow pipe has a hollow space of 1.8 mm, and the front end (lower end) of the outer pipe is respectively provided with a water outlet, and the upper end is provided with a water inlet, and the inner and outer pipes are respectively welded by the annular connecting piece to form an airtight pipe. The inner tube has a plurality of 360°C annular slits in the circumferential direction, and the two adjacent sides of the slit are respectively referred to as a first groove side and a second groove side, and the spacing is 1.6 mm, which is referred to as a filter groove, and the first groove side is upwardly convex. Starting from about 0.5-1.0mm higher than the second groove edge, the filter grooves cross each other, are arranged in a misaligned manner, and are evenly ordered, forming a plurality of moisture intercepting ports. When the masterbatch formed in the water sandwiches a large amount of moisture into the filter tank, at a high pressure Under the impetus of the airflow, the masterbatch collides several times, the masterbatch is further separated from the water, and the water is intercepted into the filter tank along the annular slit layer on the inner tube wall. The water converges into a water flow under the action of gravity, from the lower drain. After discharge, the masterbatch enters the next process after drying, and the tubular dehydrator is placed at an inclination of 45 °C.

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