• One-tube multi-purpose dewatering machine
    One-tube multi-purpose dewatering machine

    The plastic dehydrator has the characteristics of high processing capacity, high dehydration efficiency and long service life. As an auxiliary equipment for sewage treatment, the kitchen waste dewatering machine can dewater the suspended solids and sediment after air flotation, p

  • Dewatering machine
    Dewatering machine

    I. Performance Description: Spindle motor: full copper wire motor, belt transmission power, safe and reliable, long service life; Feed hopper: thick stainless steel folding plate, built-in high pressure spray, Feeding is fast and smooth; Feeding pipe: screw feeding, active feedin

  • Plastic granulation dewatering and draining device manufacturer
    Plastic granulation dewatering and draining device manufacturer

    PP, PE waste film crushing cleaning and recycling production line is through the introduction, digestion and absorption of the world's advanced concepts and technologies in the same industry, combined with today's development needs and waste plastics II The characteristics of the

  • Masterbatch dewatering machine price
    Masterbatch dewatering machine price

    Because of its outstanding application, high efficiency and energy saving, and the price is only 28,000 yuan, the masterbatch type dehydrator has been widely used in the production of masterbatch of plastic raw material production plants. Together, it can also be used for the deh

  • Masterbatch dewatering machine manufacturer
    Masterbatch dewatering machine manufacturer

    The color masterbatch type dehydrator is characterized by environmental protection and energy saving: the product itself is made of excellent stainless steel pipe, which is non-polluting and non-radioactive, and is suitable for the human body and the external environment. Without

  • Multi-function dehydrator manufacturer
    Multi-function dehydrator manufacturer

    The invention has a certain independent and completely independent intellectual property rights in China. It has extraordinary design and excellent performance. The patent skills are unique in the world. After years of practice, it has a good useful role. It is a professional col

  • Green plastic dewatering dryer manufacturer
    Green plastic dewatering dryer manufacturer

    The dewatering machine is designed by the principle of eccentricity. Among them, it is made of stainless steel plate, and its corrosion resistance is very strong. The dryer has an oscillation due to unbalanced load, stable operation, good balance, low noise and high dehydration r

  • Green plastic dehydration dryer
    Green plastic dehydration dryer

    This product can be combined according to the needs, from one to two combinations, one to three combinations, one to four, five, six, seven, eighty nine, and even More combinations can completely solve the production requirements of color masterbatch in various situations, whethe

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