Analysis of plastic dewatering machine requirements for the site?


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The plastic dewatering machine produced by our company is a fully automatic dewatering machine developed for the dewatering and drying of plastic granules and sheets. This type of dewatering machine has high output value, good dewatering effect, saving time and labor, and is the necessary equipment for recycling and recycling of recycled plastics. After purchasing a good plastic dewatering machine, the place where it is placed needs to be carefully selected. The choice of location has the following requirements:

1. The location is flat

Try to place the plastic dewatering machine on a smooth concrete or other hard and solid foundation to make it triangle Each foot of the structure can be stabilized, and the surrounding debris is removed to prevent the dewatering machine from being skewed due to unbalanced load and crushing the worker. Adhere to the flatness of the dehydrator, prevent the influence of the operation function of the equipment, improve the dehydration efficiency, and can be used to reduce the noise.

2. The power supply is stable.

Make sure the power of the plastic dehydrator is stable. The electrician should be arranged to connect the power line of the plastic dewatering machine. Generally, the three-phase electric power is used. The first line is the grounding wire. The electric power is safer to prevent electric shock.

3, other

Pay attention to the boring use environment, prevent the water in the plastic dehydrator from using the environment, the drainage is not smooth, the accumulation of debris, etc., the long-term accumulation of water is easy to dehydrate The machine forms an influence, which causes damage to the machine and is prone to leakage, which causes the machine to operate unsteadily. At the same time, in order to protect the safety of the operators, pay attention to the cleaning and cleaning of the dehydrator, remove debris, adhere to boring, and prevent the device from being blocked.

The use of Huanxin plastic dewatering machine to recover waste plastics is conducive to environmental protection, increase social and economic benefits, and help to achieve sustainable development. It is a cause strongly supported by China. The task of protecting the environment is a work that everyone has no hesitation. The recycling of waste plastics can be used from scratch to make new products and reduce environmental pollution.

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