What are the essentials of the plastic dewatering machine?


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1. Stop people, tools, and other items when working at plastic dewatering machine or before stopping completely. Stop any work around the device.

1. Stop the irons, crowbars and other objects instead of braking.

2, do a good job in the maintenance, maintenance, work and other related records of the equipment, in order to trace the use.

3. When the machine presents an abnormal condition, it should first block the power supply, then leave the work site and wait for the equipment to completely stop before processing.

4. When loading materials: It must be carried out under the condition of complete parking. The charging should be compacted according to the level, and the loading amount must be strictly controlled within the scope of safety rules to prevent over-loading.

5. When the plastic dewatering machine has blocked the power supply, it should visually measure the speed of its free rolling. When the speed is lower than 100r/min, the brake can be braked. The speed is higher than 100r/min to stop the brake.

6. The machine should be protected and maintained frequently. The drum and the base should be viewed regularly. The inner and outer walls of the equipment should be clean and the electrical insulation is good. The main rolling shaft is straight and stable, and the housing base has no broken cracks.

7. When the engine is used: It should be investigated whether the work is stable. If the vehicle is not stable, it should be adjusted. The adjustment must be carried out under the condition of complete parking. After the work is stable, it can be transferred. normal work.

8. When dehydrating materials, the operator should be away from the plastic dewatering machine before starting to avoid equipment, utensils, materials and debris flying out, and injury accidents.

9. Before starting the machine: You must check the integrity of the equipment, such as the transmission belt, smooth, electrical insulation, etc.; whether the jog work is normal; whether the power supply is stable and good; It is sensitive and useful. If there is any bad condition, it should be stopped for inspection, and the problem can be solved before it can be turned on for normal work.

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