What are the overload behaviors of the multi-function dehydrator?


Overload behavior:

1. Decrease in drying effect

Due to overload, multi-function multi-function dehydrator will accumulate The corresponding empty space between the cloths will become smaller, so that the water will not be able to be pulled out when rolling, so that the drying effect will be reduced, and the cloth will not be completely dry and multifunctional. The problem of the dewatering machine is not ideal.

2. Loss of uniform distribution function

Since the empty space between the cloths becomes smaller, the uniform function of the multi-function multi-function dehydrator drum itself is lost. And with the loss of the uniform function of the multi-function multi-function dehydrator, the linen will be uneven, and the unevenness of the cloth will eventually lead to the problem of large vibration and abnormal sound when the multi-function multi-function dehydrator rolls at high speed. .

3, the whole machine is more than

Long-term overload using multi-function multi-function dehydrator, is bound to form a multi-function multi-function dehydrator motor, bearing, roller, capacitor, frequency conversion Parts such as the device are in an overloaded state for a long time, so that the probability of occurrence of these components becomes large. In the meantime, the capacitor and motor burnout are the problems that are easily caused by the overload of the two multi-function multi-function dewatering machines.

4, the life of the whole machine is shortened

Due to the problem of the whole machine on the upper point, the multi-functional multi-function dehydrator will form after long-term overloading. After all, the longevity of the whole machine has been shortened. After inquiry, we found that the multi-function multi-functional dewatering machine, which has been in overload for a long period of time, has a life of only one-third of the standard multi-function multi-function dehydrator.

Does the industrial multi-function dewatering machine really damage the linen? The answer is no, because the force used by the industrial multi-function multi-functional dehydrator in the dry linen is one-way rapid rolling. The centrifugal force that occurs, so more often the cloth is in a stable state in the inner cylinder of the industrial multi-function multi-function dehydrator. This is already the case, so that it will not be fooled back and forth, it has not been fooled, so also There is no problem with damage to the linen.

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