The meaning of masterbatch dehydrator and its working principle


Masterbatch Dewatering Machine In what season, no matter where it is, we can see the figure of the masterbatch dewatering machine everywhere. We love the power of it together and feel proud of his popularity. But its planning is so novel, we can appreciate what it means to us by savoring the gratitude it brings to us. This makes many people marvel at its charm. Masterbatch dewatering machine is a new type of electrical appliance derived from the development of scientific and technological civilization.

When the drainage system in the drum type masterbatch dewatering machine is faulty, the drain pump should be overhauled. First, according to the sonar that the discharge pump announces, the drainage pump will be faulty. Use a multimeter to check the power supply of the drain pump or to detect the resistance of the drain motor. When the drum type masterbatch dewatering machine requires slow water inlet speed, the single inlet water mode is required, that is, one inlet water solenoid valve is not energized. When the electromagnetic coil 1 is not energized, the water inlet is inflow. Water is added to the chamber 1, and who enters the control chamber 1 from the pressurized hole, because the water that controls the control chamber 1 cannot flow out, and the pressure of the rubber valve surface of the control chamber 1 is greater than the pressure on the side of the inlet chamber 1, thus the rubber The valve is tightly pressed, and the water flow cannot be Liu Ruoying's water outlet 1, which slows down the water inlet speed of the double inlet water solenoid valve.

The drum type masterbatch dewatering machine announces some sounds during the washing work, so it is necessary to judge carefully when checking the drain pump. After energizing the drum type masterbatch dewatering machine. Set to the drain condition, listen carefully to the sound of the drain pump.

If you can hear the sound of the drain pump, you should check whether the drain pump fan is surrounded by foreign objects. . If foreign matter is stretched around the drain pump fan, remove the foreign matter.

If the service has heard the drain pump announce ' 嗡嗡': the sound is required to check the discharge pump to determine if it is a problem caused by the damage of the drain pump.

< p=""> The condition of the masterbatch dehydrator in the energization, the condition of the masterbatch dehydrator is not set as the condition. Use the table to check the drain pump

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